Asked Questions

Do you have a minimum order amount?

We don’t have a minimum order amount, but you do get better pricing with larger orders.

What file types do you accept?

Screen printing:  Prefer pdf, jpg, jpeg, jpe, png, tif, tiff, ai, psd, and svg

Embroidery:  pdf, bmp, jpeg, tif, gif, pcx, jpg, cdr, cpt, ai, eps, wmf, pct, and pict

Do you offer delivery or shipping?

We offer free delivery within 15 miles from the shop and we can ship to your location. If you are outside the 15 miles from our shop, you can either pick the items up or we can quote you shipping.

How can I make my embroidered shirt last longer?

When washing your embroidered shirts, turn it inside out to protect the embroidery.  Don’t was items with clothing with sharp objects, like zippers.  We recommend use a mild detergent so the colors don’t fade.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and checks.

What is the turnaround time frame?

Our turnaround time is typically 2 weeks; However, it may change based on demand.